Shopping Sprees

Whether it is precious gemstones, Batiks, saris, sarongs, figurines, Buddha statues, spices, or tea, Sri Lanka does not disappoint the shopaholic in you. You will find unique souvenirs made by skilled artisans to pick up for your friends and family. Cane products, masks, coconut shell products, wood carvings, and Sri Lankan lace are a few of the traditional products to look for on your visit. If it’s high-end items you want, Odel Sri Lanka, Arcade Independence Square, Crescat Boulevard, Kandy City Centre, Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Liberty Plaza, and Majestic City offer cosmopolitan shopping. Most of these stores are in Colombo, and it is the best shopping destination in the country if you are not looking for traditional items. Sri Lanka does not have a big luxury brand market. However, you will find a few names in Colombo. If you are wondering where to buy gems in Sri Lanka, always go to a reputable jeweller and ask for natural stones that are untreated and inclusion-free.

Tips to remember

  • Inquire about the general price of products you intend to buy
  • Always buy from local artisans whenever possible
  • Ask about custom laws for the goods you take home
  • Visit only reputable stores when buying expensive items
  • You need cash to pay small vendors and craftsmen